Pancakes and Waffles ARE Different

No matter how great of a chef you are or how experienced you think you are in tasting foods and rating them – if you have ever considered waffles and pancakes as the same, then you could not be more wrong. There is a constant ongoing debate in the culinary world that waffles and pancakes are the same. The best and probably the most justified point supporting the argument is that both are made of the same batter, which is true, but to only an extent.

Surely, the pancakes and waffles batters contain the same basic ingredients flour, eggs, and leavening. However, both of these delicious breakfast delicacies are different. Let that settle in! Pancakes and waffles are different. Let us dive into exploring the difference between these two.


1. The Difference Lies in The Texture of The Batter

The Difference Lies in The Texture of The Batter
Though the base ingredients are the same, the batters of pancakes and waffles are created differently. Chefs reveal that the pancake batter is created with folding whipped egg whites with delicacy and extreme care. This results in the fluffiest of the pancakes. On the other hand, the batter for waffles has more baking powder and butter added to it.

Waffles need to be crisp on the outside with crisp golden lining. This is essentially created by more baking powder, chefs say. So, the next time you got to make a point proving waffles are different than pancakes, you have got your answer in the batter!

2. Their Taste is as Different as Anything

Their Taste is as Different as Anything

Food is all about what you see. The presentation of the food sets the base for its taste and liking. Logic implies that if the batters of pancakes and waffles are almost the same, then they should taste similar too. However, that is so not the case.

When you bite into a waffle, you can feel the crispy, hard outer layer tantalizing your taste buds before the warm and soft center hits you. On the contrary, pancakes are all about fluffiness and softness that melts in your mouth.

3. The Difference in the Cooking Styles

The Difference in the Cooking Styles

All of us can relate to the above point, but how many have tackled the nagging question that how can two dishes cooked with almost the same batter taste so hugely different. Well, we have an answer for you! The difference in taste is due to the variance in the styles of cooking.

Pancakes are cooked on a flat utensil – usually, a skillet – while waffles are made in the waffle iron. The same batter poured on a hot flat surface turns the surface of the pancakes creamy and crisp. It keeps the center part soft, and hence, we get the fluffy pancakes that we all love.

Pouring batter into the waffle iron compresses it from both the sides simultaneously in shape and texture that is hard from the outside and soft from the inside. There is little softness and no fluffiness in the waffle. Both the pressed surfaces have a visible imprint that is classic waffle-like.

4. Some Key Improvisations in The Batter

Some Key Improvisations in The Batter

Experienced chefs and culinary experts might tell you that there is a little secret that adds more crispness to your waffles and more fluff to the pancakes. The waffle batter typically has more fat and sugar. This helps in more caramelization, and thus, your desired golden brown color and crisp texture are achieved.

Contrary to that, pancakes do not have extra sugar or fat as they do not need to have an extra hard and crisp outer layer. Their fluff and soft center is everything people die for.


5. The difference in Toppings

The difference in Toppings

Both pancakes and waffles have endless topping options. You can go for the classic pancake topping that includes maple syrup or plain butter, or you can get more creative and add a handful of chocolate chips in the pancake batter to make it yummier and more popular among kids.

Waffles go exceptionally well with honey, maple syrup, or even ice cream! They are deliciously paired with hot cocoa and a fresh scoop of ice cream. There is simply no limit for trying out what works best for you and what makes your weekend breakfast more special.

The Takeaway

With little differences in creating their batter and a hugely significant difference in taste, pancakes and waffles have endless variations. You can add fruits to them and have different syrups poured over each of them. Nevertheless, the difference remains. Both of these sweet dishes can never be the same. Pancakes are more filling than the waffles but no less in taste.