Pancake Varieties from Around the World

Powdered sugar is sprinkled on pancakes

Americans take the word pancake as mile-high stacks of fluffy goodness. The pancakes are made from milk, eggs, flour, salt, and baking powder. Baking powder gives fluffiness to the pancake. The average buttermilk pancake is worth exploring. There is a variety of pancakes across the globe that are kind of similar to the ones available … Read more

Can Pancakes be a Healthy Breakfast?

Pancakes with fresh sliced strawberries

Serving yourself pancakes for the breakfast is light, comforting, and fluffy. Pancakes are not considered a healthy food, even for the breakfast. But there are some nutrients in the pancakes that make them healthy for you. Pancakes are made from refined flour and there is not much filling. Some people prefer to have eggs, fruits, … Read more

10 Fun Things to Do While You Are Eating Your Pancakes

a person eating pancakes

Pancakes surely are one of the most popular food to eat during breakfast, and they are good as snacks, too. When eating breakfast or snacks, it’s more fun if you’re with your whole family or maybe with some friends. However, there are times that we are left alone at home, and there’s no one to … Read more

The History of Pancakes

Blueberry pancakes

Pancakes are widely thought of as an American breakfast staple, but there are several versions of this delectable dish all over the world. Some might imagine pancakes as being round, fluffy, and covered with maple syrup, while others think of them as a savory option. Today, we have blueberry pancakes, Japanese pancakes, and even keto-friendly … Read more

Keto-friendly Pancakes You Will Love

Keto friendly Pancakes You Will Love

One of the struggles that most people had when they first start their ketogenic diet is resisting their cravings for sugar-filled foods that they cannot eat anymore. And when it comes to breakfast, one of the most favorite sugar-filled food is pancakes.  Their cakey, light and fluffy texture mixed with sweet maple syrup and butter … Read more

Review of Birch Benders Paleo Pancakes

Review of Birch Benders Paleo Pancakes

Eating paleo?  Focused on increasing protein in your diet?  Still love pancakes and maybe even crave them?  The Birch Benders paleo pancakes are for you.  They are so good its really hard to tell they are protein based versus the more traditional kind. This Paleo Pancake and Waffle Mix from Birch Benders isa healthy alternative … Read more