Pancake Varieties from Around the World

Americans take the word pancake as mile-high stacks of fluffy goodness. The pancakes are made from milk, eggs, flour, salt, and baking powder. Baking powder gives fluffiness to the pancake. The average buttermilk pancake is worth exploring. There is a variety of pancakes across the globe that are kind of similar to the ones available or cooked in America. 

There is one thing about all of the variety of pancakes; they are delicious, no matter where they’re from!

Variety of Pancakes Around the World 

Buttermilk pancakes: U.S and Canada
Buttermilk pancakes- U.S and Canada

These are the classic pancakes that are often recommended for a healthy breakfast. They are served with butter and syrup mostly with maple syrup. These pancakes are thick and fluffy in texture. The mixture is batter with eggs, buttermilk, sugar, flour, and baking powder. It allows it to rise into the circular beds of heaven. 

Crêpes: France
Crêpes- France

French pancakes are flipped and cooked from both sides. They are thin, folded with a sweet filling, mostly chocolate, savory cheese, sauteed vegetables, and fruit. The batter for these pancakes is made from flour, eggs, sugar, and milk. The recipe we are talking about here is Warm Crepes with Hazelnut Brown Butter.

Kaiserschmarrn: Austria
Kaiserschmarrn- Austria

This pancake is a caramelized pancake that finds its history named after the Kaiser Franz Joseph I of Austria (1830-1916). He was very fond of this shredded pancake and it was served as a dessert or as a light lunch. You can eat it with apples, raisins, nuts, and other sweet ingredients. 

Pikelets: Australia
Pikelets- Australia

This kind of pancake from Australia is thick, small, and petite. They are popular as a snack. Some serve these pancakes with afternoon tea. You can serve them with some cream or jam. They are made from milk, flour, eggs, and butter. You can also serve it with honey. 

Hotcakes: Mexico

Hotcakes are one of the popular street foods in Mexico. It is similar to pancakes but they are differentiated from the pancakes because of the sweet topping. They are served with cajeta and hazelnuts, or with brown butter and cinnamon maple syrup. There is a pile of 2 to 4 pancakes per person with a chilled cajeta dripped over with a small handful of hazelnuts. 

Cong You Bing Or Scallion Pancakes: China
Cong You Bing Or Scallion Pancakes- China

Pan-fried pancakes made from dough but not batter are divinely chewy, savory, and flaky. They are folded with oil and minced scallions that are also known as onions. Differing from western pancakes, it is made of dough instead of batter with crisp edges for a chewy texture. 

Scotch or Scottish Pancakes: Scotland
Scotch or Scottish Pancakes- Scotland

Scotch pancakes are small and thin and are known as drop scones. They make a very tasty and healthy breakfast and also a dessert. They are the same as American pancakes because they have the same rise but talking about size, they are smaller. They are served with maple syrup and banana topping. 

Blini or Blintz: Eastern Europe
Blini or Blintz- Eastern Europe

It is one of the common pancakes in Eastern Europe. Blini or Blintz is thicker than the French crepes. They are made of wheat or buckwheat flour and yeast. A savory stuffing is done with some sweet-filled in it. These are Cheese Blintz Hot Cakes by Rachael Ray. 

Okonomiyaki: Japan

Okonomiyaki is composed of two words. Okonomi means what or how you want and Yaki means grilled. So, Okonomiyaki is a grilled pancake made of flour, cabbage, eggs, and endless ingredients of your choice. It is available and associated with Kansai or Hiroshima and other areas of Japan. Batters and topping of this pancake vary according to the region. 

Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon: England
Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon- England

These pancakes are made with plain flour, milk, and eggs. The plain flour makes them thin in texture. They are topped with sugar and lemon juice as a tradition. In North America, Brits do the topping of golden syrup. Talking about Europeans, they wrap them around the savory filling and serve it as a main course. The traditional recipe for these pancakes is by Kate Tait. 

Pannukakku: Finland
Pannukakku- Finland

These pancakes from Finland are baked in a circular or rectangle pan to the perfection of puffy and golden texture. They are then cut into a single serving slice, mostly in a square shape. Then they are topped with cream, powdered sugar, sweet fixings, and fruit. 

Tiganites: Greece
Tiganites- Greece

Greek-style pancakes baked within 30 minutes are topped with yogurt, cinnamon, and honey. They are made from flour, dry yeast, salt, sugar, and lukewarm water and served with honey and some walnuts. Some Greeks believe that tiganites was the popular breakfast across the globe and it was the first documented pancake in the world. It is one of the easy-to-cook varieties of pancake but still, no one can say if it was the first pancake documented in the world. 

Palacsinta: Hungary

Hungarian Palascinta is paper-thin pancakes. They are served as rolled or folded into triangles. To make them sweet and healthy pancakes, they are filled with fruits, whipped cream, and groundnuts. When the pancakes are stacked to form a cake, they are called rakott palacsinta. One important thing, they are almost like French Crepes, Croatian or Serbian Palacinke, Polish Nalesniki, etc. 

Pönnukaka: Iceland
Pönnukaka- Iceland

It is a traditional pancake a dessert crepe that is filled with whipped cream and jam. It is made from flour, butter, baking powder, baking soda, eggs, vanilla, and milk. While serving, it is served with jam, whipped cream, and a topping of fruit and powdered sugar. You can serve it with afternoon tea or coffee as a dessert.

Kimchijeon or Kimchi Pancakes: Korea

Kimchijeon or Kimchi Pancakes: Korea

It is a variety of Buchimgae or Korean pancakes. This pancake is primarily sliced with kimchi, batter flour, and sometimes with vegetables. Sometimes they add pork meat in it too. it is served as an appetizer, banchan that is a side dish, or as a snack. Along with this, alcoholic beverages such as makgeolli or dongdongju are served with this pancake. 

Apam Balik; Malaysia

Apam Balik means turnover or folded. These pancakes are folded pancakes that are made from rice flour blend. They are served with sweet peanut filling. It is also known as terang bulan, martabak manis, or manjianguo. It is one of the common dessert varieties on roadside stalls. They are available throughout Indonesia, Malaysia. Singapore, and Brunei. 

Pannenkoeken or Dutch Baby: Netherlands

The Netherlands pancake is afoot in diameter. They are much thinner than American or Scotch pancake but not thinner than crepes. They consist of slices of cheese, apples, raisins, and bacon. The plain Dutch baby is eaten with a syrup made of sugar beets, apple troop, or powdered sugar as a topping. The addition of buckwheat in the recipe was traditional but it is less common these days. You can replace milk with soymilk. 

Olady: Russian
Olady- Russian

It is one of the Russian, Belarusian or Ukrainian cuisine that is small and thick pancakes. The batter for olady is made from wheat, which is now replaced with buckwheat. They are served with Smetana, a sour cream. They are also served with toppings of honey, jam, or varenye. 


This article consists of different varieties available around the globe. We have given a small description of their appearance, size, and serving types.