The Perfect Bacon and Eggs Recipe

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A favorite combination for breakfast that is both perfectly delicious and gratifying is bacon and egg. Egg and bacon, or bacon and egg, is a combination made in heaven. Bacon contains important vitamins and minerals. It has vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 in addition to minerals like phosphorus, zinc, … Read more

Bacon and Eggs for Health Enthusiasts

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Starting your day with a protein diet helps regulate your blood sugar to fire up your day after a night-long fast. While a high-protein diet helps feed and maintain lean muscle tissue, recent studies at the University of Missouri suggest that a high-protein breakfast is an essential factor in maintaining a healthy … Read more

Getting Crispy Bacon with an electric bacon fryer

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Crispy bacon is many people’s favorite breakfast. There are very few savory breakfast options that can beat bacon and the best bacon by far is the crispy kind. Unless you can hear and feel the crispiness of the bacon, that desire for its taste will not be satisfied.  As yummy as bacon … Read more

How to Pair Breakfast Biscuits and Eggs?

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Breakfast is not exciting for busy people as some of them tend to skip their breakfast meal. Breakfast is the essential meal of the day. It helps you to keep going for the rest of your day. The nutritious breakfast boosts the energy. A breakfast meal is mostly of toast, tea, coffee, … Read more

Kid Friendly Ways to Cook Eggs

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Learning a few kid friendly ways to cook eggs can be a good option for their breakfast. An egg a day is equal to a multivitamin meal. Eggs are nutritious and make a portion of great food for the kids. An egg consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Proteins, Minerals like Selenium … Read more

Healthy Breakfasts That You Can Consume on The Go

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There are mornings where you cannot get yourself out of the bed and grab a fistful of cereal before going to work. A gourmet breakfast cannot be a realistic daily goal. Now it does not mean that you can settle for the sugar rush that leaves you hungry and sad after half … Read more

Eggs Hacks for Making Breakfast Easier

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Eggs are an essential part of breakfast. They are rich in protein and vitamins and taste delicious even with just salt and pepper. On average, an American consumes close to 300 eggs in a year. So, it is safe to say that Americans love eggs. Let’s be fair here. We have all … Read more

Healthy Ways to Cook and Consume Eggs

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Humankind has been consuming eggs since the dawn of humanity. The easy availability of eggs from different animals made it a hit food item. We can easily believe that humans had no issues with eating raw eggs even before the invention of fire. Eggs are a great protein source and are usually … Read more