Enjoying Healthy Toppings for Waffles

Waffles with berries

Waffles are a wonderfully delicious treat that can make any morning delightful. However, waffles aren’t made to be enjoyed only in the morning. Waffles are so versatile that you can use them as dessert and can even incorporate them into your lunch or dinner if you want. However, waffles contain a lot … Read more

Comparing Syrups – Which Is Healthiest?

maple syrup in glass bottle on wooden table

Truth is, there are many other syrups available for us to use. Some other kinds of syrups include corn syrup, date syrup, agave syrup, and more. These syrups have various uses. They can be used as sweeteners, to cook food, and even as a topping on desserts.  The use of syrups as … Read more

How Are Waffle Mix and Pancake Mix Different?

Best Breakfast

Between pancakes and waffles, most people have a hard time choosing their favorite sugary breakfast item. Many question how different these two mixes actually are because, at first glance, pancakes and waffles seem the same, just cooked differently. That is not true, however. Waffles are more firm and have a ridged shape, … Read more

Unique Ideas for Using Waffle Mixes

Belgian waffle

Waffles can be eaten alone or with a range of sauces and toppings, which you can then share with family or friends. However, presenting traditional waffles can quickly get tedious, and you may find yourself looking for a new twist on conventional waffle recipes. So, if you like to spice things up … Read more

Are Pancake and Waffle Mixes the Same Thing?

stacks of pancake with blueberry, bacon, and syrup

Pancakes and waffles are the ultimate breakfast superstars. You have so much freedom in making them and in suiting them to your liking. You can either add fillings or toppings or even coat them with syrup, butter, and basically anything you want – they’re versatile like that.  Deciding which one to prepare … Read more

History of the Hong Kong Puff

egg waffle in a paper bag, vendor, table, shop, cooking equipment, posters, signage

They claim you can’t cook an omelet without cracking a few eggs, but perfecting the famous Hong Kong puff, also known as an egg waffle, requires a lot more.  It’s a spherical egg-based waffle prevalent in Macau and Hong Kong, made of an eggy leavened mixture cooked in two semi-spherical plates. They … Read more

How to Make Chinese or Bubble Waffles

bubble waffles with powdered sugar, star-shaped sprinkles

If you made it a hobby to look at food photographs on the internet, chances are you’ve probably seen pictures of unusual pancakes and bubble waffles served in a cardboard tube and sometimes loaded with ice cream, but these egg waffles aren’t a new invention. They’re actually gai daan jai, a traditional … Read more