How Are Waffle Mix and Pancake Mix Different?

Between pancakes and waffles, most people have a hard time choosing their favorite sugary breakfast item. Many question how different these two mixes actually are because, at first glance, pancakes and waffles seem the same, just cooked differently. That is not true, however. Waffles are more firm and have a ridged shape, while pancakes are flatter and fluffier. You cannot achieve a structural change simply by cooking the same batter differently. 

Experienced home cooks can tell you that the difference between the two is deeper than their shape. It all lies in the foundation, the mix used to make the batter. Pancake and waffle mixes are quite similar, yet there is a fundamental difference between the two. Waffle mix contains a few extra ingredients that give it the shape and texture that is unique to them.

The two mixtures are not interchangeable, not without some tweaks. You can use pancake mix for waffles, but your waffles would simply be slightly crispier pancakes. To make waffles with an elevated taste, using pancake mix is unwise.  

Let’s look at the major differences between these two mixes.

The major difference between the mixes

Mixing Baking Dough for Waffles, Egg Yolks and Milk, in a Glass Bowl. Food Preparing Process Photography Concept

Is pancake mix the same as waffle mix? Some might say yes. However, if you are a huge waffle connoisseur, you would know that the answer is a resounding no. There are some major differences in both the mix and in the cooking method that allows pancakes and waffles to be distinct. 

The main difference between an authentic waffle mix and a pancake mix is the amount of sugar and fat used as compared to the other ingredients. The crispiness of waffles comes from a higher sugar and fat content. A high amount of sugar allows the sugar to caramelize, and the fat from butter cooks off to create that crispy texture and golden texture that many desire. 

In contrast, pancakes have a more cake-like consistency. This consistency is wildly different from the crispiness that is characteristic of waffles. To keep the final product light and fluffy, pancake mixes have lower sugar and fat content. 

Now that we know the essential difference between pancake and waffle mix, let’s move on to how these mixes are cooked. The cooking process of these different mixes also plays a huge part in the consistency of waffles or pancakes. 

Cooking Surface

preparing homemade waffles by waffle maker machine.

When comparing a waffle and a pancake, it is evident that both of them are quite different in their appearance and texture. Pancakes tend to be circular and have a smooth flat top with a fluffier cake-like texture inside. Waffles, on the other hand, are usually square. They have a crispy exterior, and their interior is usually chewy and decadent. 

Apart from the batter, pancakes and waffles are cooked very differently. Both need different equipment to achieve their distinct look and taste.

Pancakes are cooked on a smooth and flat surface that allows them to have that even golden brown layer on top. A heavy nonstick girdle, a cast-iron skillet, or a frying pan are all excellent options for cooking pancakes.

The crispy texture, characteristic of waffles, is achieved by cooking it on an iron grid. An iron grid surface allows the batter to pool into it, and the excess sugar enables it to caramelize. This caramelization gives the waffles that crispy edge. Waffle irons are designed specifically for the task of cooking waffles. They have an iron grid and can be closed fully as well. 

Cooking Time

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Cooking time also varies when you compare pancakes and waffles. Due to the difference in their batter, waffles require almost twice as long to cook. This extra cooking time is down to the excess fat and sugar, which need more time to caramelize. Additionally, the crispy edge, that most people want in waffles, can only be achieved if it has had sufficient time to cook. Undercooked waffles are often soggy and limp. For a perfectly crisp exterior, waffles need around 2 to 3 minutes inside the waffle iron. However, the time may fluctuate depending on the amount of batter you put in. Thicker waffles take longer to cook through. 

Pancakes cook relatively fast and cannot be left unattended. Usually, pancakes take 1 minute on each side. Mostly, a minute is enough for the surface to turn golden brown which is when you know that your pancakes are fully cooked. The total time pancakes take to cook depends on how thick they are. Thicker pancakes are usually fluffier but also require more cooking time to ensure that they are cooked all the way through. 

If you are looking for something easy, waffles are definitely easier as you just have to press them into the waffle iron. A pancake has to be flipped multiple times. Flipping and transferring allow room for error in the cooking process. However, if you need something quick and simple, pancakes are the way to go. 

Caloric Count

Homemade Sourdough Pancakes with Butter

Both pancakes and waffles are sugary breakfast options. They are often enjoyed with various condiments such as maple syrup, chocolate spread, and more. Other than these add-on calories, the base calories that the mix itself has are also quite different. 

Comparing them side-by-side, pancakes have around 5 grams of fat in them along with 39 grams of carbohydrates. These total out to be around 225 calories per serving.

Waffles, on the other hand, have 10 grams of fat along with 49 grams of carbohydrate. The total caloric count here is 310 calories per serving. The added calories are mainly due to the increased fat and sugar that waffles call for.

Hence, if you are looking to cut down on your calories, waffles may not be the smartest choice. Pancakes, although not the healthiest option, have fewer calories and should be your breakfast of choice if you are craving something sweet. 

Cooking Process

Cook taking out viennese waffle from multibaker using tongs closeup

Once the difference between pancake and waffle mixes has been established, the next step is cooking them correctly so you can have perfect pancakes or waffles for your breakfast.

For pancakes, heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan. You can also use butter. However, it is important to note that butter will burn quicker than oil so you need to be fast in flipping and cooking. 

Once the pan is heated, use a ladle to scoop out the pancake mix and gently pour it in even circles on your pan. 

Wait the recommended time and then flip the pancake over. Great care has to be taken to not burn them. Cooked pancakes are golden brown on either side. When they take on that color, take them off the heat. Ensure that both sides have had enough time to cook.

When cooking waffles, some initial prep is required. Waffles are usually cooked on a waffle iron which needs to be heated beforehand. It is wise to preheat your iron before you start making your mixture. 

Before adding your waffle mix to the waffle iron, spray non-stick cooking spray on the surface. This is a preventative measure. A non-stick spray ensures that the mixture doesn’t stick to the iron or burn completely. 

Scoop the waffle mixture out and place it in the waffle iron. Leave it to cook for the amount of time that your recipe calls for. It takes around 3 to 4 minutes for the waffles to cook. Some waffle makers have an in-built timer as well. It either makes a sound or flashes a light when the waffles are cooked. 

How to make pancake mix

Preparing a pancake mix is quite straightforward. All you need in terms of utensils are two bowls, a whisk, a ladle, and a frying pan. 

Begin by whisking together the dry pancake mix. Ensure that it is mixed in evenly. Then create a well in the center of your bowl. In a separate bowl, add in your eggs and beat them. Then add in milk while whisking the mixture together. You can also add in vanilla at this point. Vanilla will help enhance the flavor. In the end, melt the butter and add it in. 

Whisk the wet mixture until everything is well combined. Next, add it into the well you created in the dry mixture and whisk it together. You should whisk it until it is thick or has the consistency you prefer. Ensure that there are no lumps in the batter. 

How to make waffle mix

Woman preparing dough for Belgian waffles at light blue wooden table, top view

To make a waffle mix, you need the same core ingredients as in a pancake. The ratios and the method are, however, slightly different. 

In a large mixing bowl, beat your egg whites separately until they are fluffy. Then you can add in the egg yolks. Next add your other wet ingredients such as milk, butter, and vanilla and whisk them until the batter is fully mixed. 

There is no separation of wet and dry mixtures required in the making of waffles. Hence, the next step is to add in the dry ingredients and whisk them until the mixture is smooth. 

How to make waffle mix from pancake mix

Woman preparing dough for Belgian waffles at grey table, top view

If you have a pancake mix at hand and want to make waffles from it, the good news is that you totally can. To convert pancake mix to waffle mix, all you have to do is add a few ingredients and whip out your waffle iron. 

In your pancake mix, you need to add eggs a bit differently than you would in a pancake. Here, you need to beat your egg whites separately from the yolks. Beating them separately allows your waffles to have that crispy yet chewy texture. 

Another tip is to add in more oil to the batter. Waffles generally have more fat content. So adding in oil or butter gives it that extra push to reach that perfect caramel color. It is recommended that you add twice the amount of butter.  The amount of sugar should also be doubled to allow for caramelization. 


The debate between waffles and pancakes is a never-ending one. It honestly comes down to the taste and texture you prefer. However, let it be known that the answer to ‘Is pancake mix the same as waffle mix’ is a resounding no. The fat and sugar content make these two breakfast items wildly different. The cooking process further widens the berth between the two. However, it is undeniable that the mixes are quite similar and can be used interchangeably, provided that you make some amendments to the ingredients and their quantities.

Nevertheless, both are an absolute treat to enjoy early in the morning.