I Don’t Live in Texas, Can I Find a State-Shaped Waffle Maker for My State?

Among the many breakfast options available to us, waffles are probably one of the top five favorite breakfast items. What’s not to love about waffles? They are sweet, crunchy, and extremely versatile.

If you have ever made a waffle, you know that there are many ways to customize it. You can make changes in the batter and add in flavorings to make them taste different. To make the waffles more customized, you can also add various different toppings and syrups that make the waffles taste extra sweet and delicious. If you want healthier toppings, you can always opt for fruits. 

Although the normal square-shaped waffles are the most popular, you can definitely find shaped waffle makers on the market as well. These waffles add a bit of fun to your breakfast and turn boring waffles into fun shapes. 

There are many different shapes of waffle makers available on the market. 

You can find heart-shaped waffle makers, Disney-themed waffle makers, and so many more. There is no shortage of funky-shaped waffle makers out there.

All of us have some pride for our home state in our hearts, and what better way to display it than to make a waffle shaped just like your home state? 

Waffles are pretty popular in Texas, which is why there are a lot of Texas-shaped waffle makers out there. But, what if you are not from Texas? Fortunately for you, we have found some unique state-shaped waffle makers that will help you get your state pride turned all the way up.

Non-Texas shaped waffle makers

Non-Texas shaped waffle makers

If you don’t live in the state of Texas, then finding a state-shaped waffle maker might be a challenge. You can always have one custom-made but, chances are that it might be a bit out of budget for many. 

However, what you can do is cook your waffles using an iron skillet. There are plenty of state-shaped cast iron skillets out there that allow you to make waffles shaped exactly like your state. Let us look at a few of them.

Wisconsin shaped pan

Displaying state pride using waffles might be tricky if you are a non-Texan, but with this Wisconsin-shaped iron skillet, you can make pancakes and waffles shaped like your state and eat or serve them with pride. These pans are made using high-quality iron that is fit to handle high temperatures. Additionally, they have a long handle that ensures your safety. 

Other than being useful in cooking pancakes and waffles, these Made in America iron skillets can also be used as a decoration piece and can be hung on the wall to display your love for your home state. 

Rhode Island shaped skillet

Rhode Island is a pretty small state. Yet, regardless of that fact, Made in America has a skillet shaped just like the state. It is small yet has all the key elements that allow it to be used as an iron skillet. 

These skillets are useful for more than just making waffles. You can also use these skillets to make pancakes, cook eggs, and more. These skillets can also be used to cook food. However, the shape of the state would be lost as soon as you remove it from the pan. 

North Carolina shaped skillet

Among other states, the Made in America series also has a skillet shaped just like North Carolina. It has all the perfect edges and ridges that make up the state. Furthermore, it is food safe and built to withstand extreme temperatures. Hence, you can use it on the stove without any worries. 

FeLion Studios has also made sure to include a long handle with an eye at the end. This long handle aids in protecting you against any possible oil splatters. Additionally, the eye of the handle can be used to hang the skillet on the wall as a decoration piece. 

Texas-shaped waffle makers

Texas is, by far, the most popular shape of waffle maker available on the market. There are proper waffle makers that allow you to cook waffles in the shape of your state without going through any extra steps or DIY steps. Let’s take a look at some Texas-shaped waffle makers.

Texas waffle maker

Among all the states, if you live in Texas, you will have the least difficulty in finding a waffle maker that showcases your home state pride in the shape of a waffle. This Waffle maker is designed to put your state pride on display. It is made using high quality materials such as stainless steel, which makes it durable. Additionally, it features a large cooking surface that is made using a non-stick grid. 

This waffle maker is also super easy to use and clean as well. It includes indicator lights that let you know when your waffle is ready. The light is off while the waffle is cooking. When your waffles are done cooking, the light turns on. The non-stick surface it features is super easy to clean and is perfect for some quick waffle action in the morning.

Texas-shaped skillet 

A cast-iron skillet is extremely useful as it can be used to make various different things such as pancakes, waffles, and more. Constructed by Made in America, these cast iron skillets are perfectly shaped to replicate the state of Texas in all its glory. The skillet itself is made of high quality materials and features a long handle for safety which protects you from oil splattering and other harm.

How to make waffles using a skillet

How to make waffles using a skillet

When you don’t have a waffle iron, making waffles can be a bit more tricky than you anticipate, but it is definitely not something you can’t do. If you don’t own a waffle maker or want to make fancy-shaped waffles, a skillet or griddle pan may work just as well.

Some shapes, such as the states, are rarely available as waffle makers. Hence, you have to get a little more creative and think outside the box to make these state-shaped waffles. 

If you have a state-shaped skillet, here is how you make waffles on it.

First, prepare your waffle mix. This mixture is quite different from a pancake mix and requires a considerable quantity of fat and sugar. These added ingredients help make it a bit more stiff and crispy. 

Next, place your skillet on the stove and turn the heat up high. The pan needs to be super hot for the waffle to cook well. 

Then, add a teaspoon of butter onto the pan to help ensure that the mixture does not stick to the pan. 

Next, pour in your waffle mixture, making sure that all the edges are filled. If you are making state-shaped waffles, this step is crucial. Otherwise, the shape will not be recognizable as your home state. 

Then, lower the heat. You want to cook your waffles at medium to low heat for around 6 minutes. Another indicator for when one side of the waffle is cooked is that it turns golden-brown. 

When the waffle is cooked from one side, you need to flip it over so that it can cook from the other side as well. Be very careful when you do this maneuver as there is a chance that the waffle might break. 

Let the waffle cook for a bit, then flip it over again. If you want your waffles to be super crisp, it is a good idea to let them cook for an extra few minutes. 

Gently remove the waffles from the pan and decorate them with whatever you like.

Your waffles are ready to serve.

Waffle recipe

Waffle recipe

Contrary to popular beliefs, you cannot make waffles using a pancake mix. Although they look quite similar at first glance, there is a fundamental difference between the two. This difference becomes even more pronounced when you consider the texture and taste of waffles. 

Waffles are much sweeter than pancakes and have a crisp, without which a waffle simply isn’t good. If you want to make a waffle with the right consistency and texture, you should follow the recipe below.

Gather your ingredients and utensils first. 

For ingredients, you will need unsalted butter, milk, and all-purpose flour. Additionally, you also need baking powder, eggs, and salt. 

In terms of utensils, you will need a mixing bowl, a whisk, a sieve to sift the ingredients, teaspoons to measure with, a spatula for flipping, your pan of choice, and a wooden spoon.

When you have collected all your ingredients and utensils, we move on to the next step. Here you will melt around 100 grams of butter on the stove. Make sure it is melted completely but not browned. 

Next, crack 1-2 eggs in your mixing bowl and whisk it well. Here you can also separate the whites from the yolk and whisk it separately. 

The next step is to add in the milk and whisk it together.

Then sift your dry ingredients such as baking powder, flour, and salt into the mixture. Do this step slowly and whisk as you add the ingredients. 

Add in the butter that you melted before and gradually stir the mixture so that the butter becomes fully incorporated. 

Ensure that you do not over mix the mixture as your waffles may get tough.

After your mix is mixed, put your pan of choice on the stove and turn the heat up high. Place a teaspoon of extra butter on it and allow it to melt. This butter helps ensure that your mix does not stick to the pan. You can also use non-stick cooking spray or oil here.

Then spoon in your mixture and turn the heat to a medium-low. Allow the waffle to cook for 6 to 8 minutes. Another marker for knowing when the waffle is done is that it will change its color to golden-brown. 

Next, you have to flip the waffle and cook the same amount on the other side. To get that crisp, keep flipping over the waffle until it is fully cooked from both sides. 

Then all you have to do is gently remove it from the pan and serve it on a plate along with your favorite toppings.


Making waffles using a waffle iron is the easiest way. You can get hot and delicious waffles without putting in any effort. However, if you want your waffles shaped like your state, that might be a bit difficult unless you have a pan or a waffle iron shaped just like it. 

This article lists the available pans that can be used to make delicious waffles that can be enjoyed with and without toppings like syrups and fruits.