Low Sugar Pancake Syrups

Low sugar products have always been in demand. There is a wide variety of people who want low sugar or sugarless alternatives for all of their favorite foods. Therefore, there is also a demand for low-sugar pancake syrup. 

Diabetic and health-conscious pancake lovers are often in a fix because many of the pancake syrups available on the market are processed and contain high amounts of sugar. This can be extremely detrimental to your health because sugar, when consumed in high amounts can cause weight gain. Additionally, these sugar dense syrups also have a high glycemic index which can spike your blood sugar level. In turn, you may face issues, such as insulin insensitivity and high blood sugar levels.

Due to all these harmful effects and more, low-sugar pancake syrups are the way to go. Let’s take a look at some low-sugar pancake syrups that are sweet yet contain less sugar. 

Sugar-Free Pancake syrups

Sugar-Free Pancake syrups

Although low-sugar pancake syrup sounds good, sugar-free pancake syrup sounds even better. With reduced sugar comes reduced calories. This is why diabetes patients, and those looking to lose some weight, want to consume as little sugar as they can. Thus, it is best to go for sugar-free syrups. 

Let us take a look at some sugar-free pancake syrups available on the market.

So Nourished Pancake Maple Syrup

So Nourished pancake maple syrup is a great option for those looking to achieve weight loss and those who want to maintain their blood sugar level. Additionally, those who are doing a ketogenic diet can also benefit from this zero-sugar maple syrup. 

It is made using natural ingredients such as soybean oil. The ingredients used to make this syrup is approved for those with diabetes and hence have almost no sugar. It has zero sugar and zero carbs, and hence, it cannot mess with your blood sugar level. The So Nourished pancake maple syrup has around 25 calories per 2 tablespoons and has only 1 gram of carb and 1 gram of sugar.

The consistency and flavor of the syrup are also extremely delicious and tastes just like normal maple syrup. You can use this syrup on pancakes, and also in a variety of different dishes, such as a bowl of cereal, yogurt, and more. 

Lakanto Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

The Lakanto sugar-free maple syrup is made using high-quality ingredients that are delicious and also taste incredible. It is formulated to taste just like normal maple syrup. However, it has very few calories and next to zero grams of sugars. 

This sugar-free syrup is designed mainly for those who are on a ketogenic diet, and one of the requirements of that diet is to consume as few carbs as possible. Hence, the Lakanto sugar-free maple syrup contains only 1 gram of carbs and 0 grams of sugar. Additionally, the total calories per 2 tablespoons of this syrup are just 25.

Furthermore, this syrup also contains many minerals and nutrients that are healthy for the body. It also has a very smooth texture which is desirable in a syrup. The Lakanto sugar-free maple syrup can be used as a topping for waffles, pancakes, french toast, and so much more. 

Cary’s Sugar-Free Low-Calorie Syrup

A popular brand, Cary’s low-calorie syrup, is designed to be low in sugar but high in taste. It is made using years of research that has resulted in a low sugar pancake syrup that has a rich flavor and a smooth taste that many seek.

In terms of nutrition, every fourth cup of Cary’s sugar-free low-calorie syrup has around 30 calories and 1 gram of carbs. There are 0 grams of sugar which makes this particular syrup perfect for those who cannot have sugar, such as those suffering from diabetes.

RxSugar Plant-Based Organic Pancake Syrup

The RxSugar plant-based organic syrup is formulated to be just like normal pancake syrup. This means that it tastes and feels just like a syrup full of sugar. However, it is free from sugar and has many health benefits as well. There is no unpleasant after-taste, no preservatives, and there are no side effects of this syrup. Additionally, the sweetness is noticeable and can satisfy all your cravings without there being any sugar present. 

Furthermore, this syrup is certified to be organic and gluten-free, which allows it to be used by patients suffering from diabetes and gluten intolerance. It contains 0 calories, the RxSugar plant-based organic syrup has only 10 grams of carbs and 0 sugars. Thus it is also perfect for those looking to maintain or reduce their weight.

Nature’s Hollow Sugar-Free Maple Flavoured Syrup

The Nature’s Hollow sugar-free maple syrup is made to taste just like the real thing. Despite tasting just like maple syrup, this has 0 grams of sugar and yet tastes real and fresh. The reasoning behind its taste is that it does not have any high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar. This syrup is made using real maple syrup and nothing else. Due to its natural ingredients, it has antioxidants that are beneficial for you.

Additionally, the sweetness of this syrup is on par with syrups that have a high glycemic index and are thus super sweet. It contains real fruit and Xylitol for that delicious flavor. Due to the lack of processed ingredients, it is perfect for those who suffer from diabetes who want some sweet food as an indulgence. Now they can have that guilt-free.

The Nature’s Hollow Sugar-free maple syrup has only 50 calories preserving along with 9 grams of carbohydrate and 0 grams of sugar.

Low Sugar Pancake Syrups

Low Sugar Pancake Syrups

Low sugar pancakes are often low carbs as well. This is because sugar is essentially a kind of carbohydrate. Hence the lower the sugar, the lower the carbs. This is perfect for those who are looking to control their diet but have a hard time staying away from their favorite foods, such as pancakes.

With a good low sugar pancake syrup, you can enjoy pancakes guilt-free. 

Let’s look at a few low-sugar pancake syrups. 

Butterworth Sugar-Free Syrup

Mrs. Butterworth’s sugar-free syrup is a great alternative for those who want a viable alternative for popular syrups such as maple syrups. This syrup is formulated to be not only sugar-free but also extremely delicious. It also has no aftertaste or fake flavors. The taste of this syrup is not only sweet, but it is also quite similar to its high-sugar counterpart. Thus, it has a very similar texture as well. 

Due to these reasons, the Mrs. Butterworth sugar-free syrup is great for people on a weight loss journey, having diabetes, on a ketogenic diet, or simply for those who want a healthier lifestyle With the sweetness it offers, the originals will most definitely not be missed.

Smuckers Sugar-Free Breakfast Syrup

The formula for Smuckers is made to taste just like normal pancakes. It is thick and tasty, which makes it a perfect addition to put on top of your pancakes. Additionally, because it has so little sugar content, it does not interfere with your caloric intake or blood sugar level. 

Containing 0 grams of sugar, Smuckers is known to have almost 90% fewer calories as compared to regular syrup. The sweetness then comes from a sugar substitute, and the best part is that it has no aftertaste. The taste of the syrup has hints of butter that add richness to the taste.

All these features make it so that the syrup tastes just like normal sugary syrup but is much healthier for you. This syrup is also super affordable and is versatile. You can use it as a topping on many different dishes like pancakes and waffles and use it as something to cook with. 

ChocZero’s Sugar-Free Maple Syrup

Traditional maple syrup has a lot of sugar. High amounts of sugar are not ideal for those who have diabetes, are on a ketogenic diet, or for those who are looking to lose weight. For these people, a sugar-free or low-sugar pancake syrup is the best. This is where ChocZero’s sugar-free maple syrup comes in. 

This syrup is made to taste just like traditional maple syrup, but it contains almost none of the sugar or carbs. The total number of carbs in this syrup is just 1 gram, and the caloric content is also super low. Additionally, the formula of this syrup is free from harmful chemicals or additives as it is made using mock fruits that act as a natural sugar replacement. ChocZero’s sugar-free maple syrup also has a low glycemic index that allows it to keep your blood sugar level in check. Hence, it is perfect for diabetic patients.

Homemade low sugar Pancake Syrups

Homemade low sugar Pancake Syrups

Low sugar pancake syrup is great when you want a quick and easy fix to your cravings. However, homemade low-sugar pancake syrup is where all the benefits lie. If you make a pancake syrup from scratch at home, you have full control over the ingredients and hence the caloric count of the syrup. These homemade syrups are also packed with many essential nutrients as well as antioxidants because of the berries used. The ingredients also help in improving your immune system. Furthermore, it can relieve inflammation in the body.

Here is how to make a low sugar homemade pancake syrup.

First, gather all your ingredients. They include frozen blueberries, fresh orange juice, and zest, along with a small quantity of sweetener. 

The first step is to add your frozen blueberries into a small saucepan and add in all your other ingredients. Put this saucepan on the stove and set the heat to medium-high. Make sure that the heat is not too high as the berries may burn.

Slowly mix, and the ingredients will start to boil. When it does, lower the heat to medium-low. Keep stirring the mixture until it becomes a syrup and has reduced by half. The reduction of the syrup helps concentrate the flavor, which gives it the syrup-like consistency and taste. 

You can serve this syrup warm or cold depending on the dish.

This syrup should stay edible for up to a month, but it needs to be properly stored if you intend to keep it for that long. Properly storing it includes; transferring it to a bottle or container after it has cooled and kept in the fridge. The coolness of the fridge will keep it in perfect shape for a month or so. Be sure to use it all before that.


Low sugar pancake syrup is something that cannot be bought without some extensive research. You need to see whether or not you can have some sugar or if you want something completely sugar-free, and so on. With the rise of high sugar syrups, some people feel left out because they cannot indulge in these sugary toppings for health reasons. Hence, this article here lists all the different low-sugar pancake syrups available on the market. With these syrups, your sugar cravings will be met guilt-free.