Eggs Hacks for Making Breakfast Easier

Eggs are an essential part of breakfast. They are rich in protein and vitamins and taste delicious even with just salt and pepper. On average, an American consumes close to 300 eggs in a year. So, it is safe to say that Americans love eggs.

Let’s be fair here. We have all gone through days when we don’t get enough time to prepare a full-fledged breakfast. Most days, we are too tired to fancy a proper breakfast, even on weekends. Some days we peel uneven eggs; other days, we fry half-burnt ones. As delicate a thing as eggs, almost everything can go wrong. 

So how to avoid all these mishaps and make a quick yet delicious egg breakfast? We are determined to get you motivated for your breakfast. For this reason, we bring you an extensive list of egg hacks that will surely make your mornings much more manageable.

1. Get Cracking

Get Cracking

Breaking eggs can be a challenge, especially if you are in a hurry. There is always a chance that you might get eggshells in the pan. The only hack to that is to crack your eggs in a separate bowl and then pour them in the pan. This way, you can always check if it has any shells.

Another thing about cracking eggs in a hurry is that the shape of fried eggs won’t remain good. As soon as the egg is broken, the white spreads and gets odd. Not only is this difficult to flip, but the egg also does not look appealing either. The solution to avoid this is to get circular cutters. They are readily available as cookie cutters. Choose a size that is not too small neither too big, just perfect for your cooked eggs. You will be amazed to see the perfectly shaped eggs they can make.

2. Get Shells out with Shell

Get Shells out with Shell

Sounds crazy, right? But it is true. You have your eggs cracked in a bowl ready to make an omelet, but you see eggshells too. And they are awfully slippery to pull out using fingers. All you need is the broken eggshell, and use it to scoop out the smaller shell pieces. In case you have already thrown the eggshells out, wet your fingers or use a fork to get those annoying pieces out.

3. Use Microwave

Use Microwave

Are you the type of person who would instead do something else than stand and watch the eggs getting cooked in the pan? If yes, you need to use your microwave the next time you make eggs. Microwave egg poachers are just the right thing for that. Simply pour your eggs in it and put them in the microwave. It will take 60-90 seconds on high to get the eggs done. Make sure that you have closed the lid tightly. Otherwise, you will indeed have a messy microwave to clean later.

4. Cold Water For Hard Boiled Eggs

Cold Water For Hard Boiled Eggs

Let’s face it, peeling boiled eggs is no easy feat. It is almost impossible to peel eggs without taking some eggs out. Make your mornings a bit easier by putting the boiled eggs in a container full of cold water. Put on the lid and shake the box a little. Take the eggs out, and you’ll see how easily the shells peel off.

5. The Float Test

The Float Test

Nothing is more painful than crack opening an egg and seeing that it is rotten inside. It’s a waste of time to try another one. Well, you don’t have to skip your breakfast over such a trivial matter. Take a glass of water and gently put the egg in it. If it sinks in the water, the egg is fresh and ready to be consumed. If it floats, well, now you know that it is rotten.

6. Yolk And White Separation With A Bottle

Yolk And White Separation With A Bottle

You may be on a low-calorie diet in which you don’t want to eat the egg yolks. Or you want to make some meringue for which you only need egg whites. It can be messy if you try to separate the two with a spoon or only hands. A very easy hack here is to use a small plastic bottle. 

Gently crack the egg in a bowl so that the yolk does not break. Place the bottle’s mouth over the yolk and gently press it. Once you release the bottle’s pressure, the yolk will get enough suction to get in the bottle. Pour the yolk in a separate bowl and repeat the same with other eggs. 

Moreover, you can also opt for this amazing gadget egg yolk separator that will save you from a lot of hassle. 

7. Use Muffin Tray

Want to fix yourself ready-made but nourishing breakfast in the morning, without a mess? Try preparing things in advance and freeze them. Use a
muffin tray for baking the eggs however you like. If you want sunny-side-up eggs, directly crack them in an oiled muffin tray. You can also beat eggs together with spices and vegetables in a bowl and bake them. 

It takes 15 minutes in the oven for the eggs to be cooked. Once they are done and have cooled down, you can freeze them in zip-lock bags. You just have to take them out and heat them up in the microwave on any given morning.

8. Ice-Bath to Stop the Cooking Process

Ice-Bath to Stop the Cooking Process

Hard-boiled eggs are yummy, but those boiled eggs with soft yolks are to die for. The jam-like yolk is delicious with avocados and toast. However, it is equally hard to cook these eggs. Even if you pull them out of the boiling water soon, the heat process won’t stop the yolks from getting hard. To fix this, you need to keep the eggs in boiling water for exactly two minutes and get them in ice-cold water immediately after getting them out. This will stop the cooking process, and you will get the jam-yolk you love so much.

9. Add Milk for Fluff

Add Milk for Fluff

Making omelet and scrambled eggs are easy. But it takes a trick or two to get that fluff everyone loves so much. Add a generous dash of milk to the eggs and beat them well. This will ensure that your cooked eggs are fluffy and extra flavorful.

10. Use the Blender

Use the Blender

Chopping vegetables is not a fun way to start your morning as it can get messy and takes a lot of time. The easiest way to fix this is to drop everything in the blender, crack the eggs, and voila! Your veggie omelet mixture is ready. It virtually takes a minute to get it done, and only cooking will be left. You will pat yourself on your back with all the time you saved on this.

You Can’t Ignore Eggs

No matter how noob you are at cooking, eggs will always make their way into your kitchen. Essential for breakfast, eggs can also be the easiest food item for both lunch and dinner. These little hacks save a lot of time and will prove anti-mess. Perfectly cooked eggs are nothing less of a feast, and this is your chance to shine at your breakfast table.