The Best Breakfast Buffets in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a very popular place, especially for casino goers and people who are looking for lots of entertainment. But aside from casino, entertainment, and eating dinner at fancy restaurants, it is also great to experience eating breakfast in Las Vegas. It’s because they have some of the best breakfast buffets, as well.

It is indeed a nice experience to eat delicious food in the morning before heading off to play games in the casino or watch some entertainment shows. But if going to Las Vegas isn’t on your plans yet, but you want to experience it one day, then, for now, you can cook some fluffy pancakes at home, pair them with some omelet, then play some casino games via online sites like Jackpot Capital Bonus.

But if you are traveling to Las Vegas soon and you’re searching for the best breakfast buffets you can try there to satisfy your pancake, sausage, and omelet cravings in the morning, then you have come to the right place. It is because we are going to share with you some of the best breakfast buffets that you can visit in Las Vegas.

Grand Lux Café

Grand Lux Café is located at The Palazzo in Las Vegas. It is an American restaurant that offers a breakfast buffet. This place is one of the best breakfast buffets in Vegas. Aside from pancakes, you can also get made to order omelets here. You and your whole family will surely enjoy all the food they serve here for breakfast.

Le Village Buffet

Le Village Buffet is located at Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Their breakfast buffet is well worth the price because they have omelet and crepe stations. Aside from that, you can also enjoy here lots of meat, eggs, and bread choices, which is like eating your dream luxury breakfast. This is probably one of the best breakfast buffets you can try in Vegas.

The Buffet at Wynn

The Wynn Buffet is located in South Las Vegas Boulevard. It is one of the best breakfast buffets you can try on the strip. They have some very healthy options if you are on a diet. Aside from that, they also serve mouth-watering desserts, which makes it one of the must-try breakfast buffets in Las Vegas. And besides breakfast, it’s also great to eat lunch and dinner here.

Breakfast at Bellagio


If you are looking for a little bit of everything aside from pancakes and sausage for breakfast, then you can head to Bellagio and try their breakfast buffet. Bellagio is located at the Strip in Las Vegas Boulevard. You can find plenty of huge sausages here and other breakfast favorites that will keep you full and energized for the day.

The Centurion Lounge Las Vegas

The Centurion Lounge is located in terminal 1 in Las Vegas airport. You can try eating breakfast in their buffet if you arrive in Las Vegas in the morning, and if you have an Amex platinum card. Their breakfast buffet has a nice selection of freshly cut fruits, pancakes, scrambled eggs, Greek yogurts, and different kinds of bread. You can also enjoy drinking espresso lattes and cappuccinos here.

Wicked Spoon

Wicked Spoon is a restaurant located at Las Vegas Boulevard along The Strip, and it offers a breakfast buffet. Their buffet is very good, and there are lots of choices. However, it is also a bit pricey. But if you have the budget, then it is probably the best and classiest breakfast buffet you can try. Aside from pancakes, sausage, and omelets, you can also enjoy their desserts, like ice cream and gelato.

Palms Casino

You can also try the breakfast buffet at A.Y.C.E at Palms. It is an affordable breakfast buffet, especially if you are a Station Casinos’ Boarding Pass Players Club member. The foods here are also creatively prepare and are very tasty. If you are fond of posting photos of foods on your Instagram account, then you can surely get a creative-looking pancake here “for the gram”. Aside from breakfast, you can also eat brunch, lunch, and dinner here with their variety of food.

The Buffet at Excalibur

Excalibur is also located at Las Vegas Boulevard, and it offers a sumptuous breakfast buffet. Here you can get made-to-order omelet stations. They also have a crepe station, carving station with turkey and beef, and as well as snow crab legs. From Fridays to Sundays, they serve clams, sushi, and pizza, as well. Aside from breakfast, you can also get an all-day wristband and eat all you want, whether for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

These are some of the best breakfast buffets that you can try when you visit Las Vegas. You can also order room service and enjoy as well.  All of these buffets can definitely satisfy your pancake and other breakfast food cravings.