Reasons to Eat Breakfast Every Day

Every morning, most people, especially those who start their work early, are always on the go.
There might be lots of things going on in their minds when they wake up. Maybe they’re always
doing everything fast in the morning so that they will not be late for work. While doing their
morning routines, they might also be thinking about their busy schedule for the day, the traffic,
and a lot more. But they might also be forgetting one important thing, and that is, to eat a healthy

You might have heard this a million times from doctors, your parents, or your friends, that
breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, many still are not able to eat breakfast
every day due to their busy schedules. But isn’t a busy schedule also a great reason why you
need to eat breakfast? It’s because it will give you the energy to get things done. It may also help
you focus on work.

If you’ve been skipping breakfast a lot, then maybe it’s time that you change your morning
routine to be able to give time to eat a healthy meal before going to work. To further convince
you, we are going to provide you with more reasons why you should make time to eat breakfast
every day.

1. Breakfast Can Encourage Healthier Eating

Eating breakfast will help you reach your daily recommended servings of fruits and
vegetables. People who regularly eat breakfast usually consume more milk and whole
grains compared to those who skip it every morning. And milk, as you probably know,
provides calcium which is important for your body. Therefore, if you are aiming to obtain
the recommended vitamins and minerals that your body needs daily, you should start
filling in at breakfast.

2. Breakfast Can Help in Losing Weight

Did you know that eating breakfast correlates with long-term weight loss? It’s because
when you eat breakfast regularly, it stimulates your metabolism and signals your body to
start using fuel instead of hoarding fuel. However, when you skip meals, your body
would be on a lockdown mode, and it would burn fewer calories.
Also, based on a study, people who skip breakfast, no matter what age are more likely to
be overweight compared to those who eat breakfast regularly. And skipping breakfast is
not associated only with being overweight, but with obesity as well. Therefore, if you
want to reduce your waistline, or if you do not want to be overweight or obese, then eat a
healthy breakfast every day to get your metabolism humming.

3. Breakfast Will Give You More Energy

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the busier your schedule for the day is, the more reason it is
for you to eat breakfast. It will provide you with energy, which can help you get through

a busy day. When you begin your day on nothing, it means that you’re running on empty.
But people who eat breakfast are usually more energetic throughout their morning
activities compared to those who skip it. Remember that doing a lot of things can lead to
fatigue. So if you want to prevent yourself from over-exhaustion, eating a healthy
breakfast is one of the best ways.

4. Breakfast Can Make You Feel Smarter

Eating breakfast can also provide your brain an energy boost, helping you stay alert and
concentrate on your work. It can give you a mental edge by making your glucose levels
stable. With this, you will have the ability to focus, reason, and process information.

5. Breakfast Helps Promote Heart Health

As mentioned earlier, people who usually skip breakfast are more prone to become
overweight. Weight gain is one of the things that contribute to high cholesterol and high
blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease in the long run. Aside from eating
breakfast regularly, you also need to be careful with the kinds of foods you eat. To avoid
high cholesterol and high blood pressure, stick to eating healthy grains, fruits, vegetables,
and proteins.

6. Breakfast Can Help You Not Cheat on Your Diet

If you’re on a diet, eating breakfast will help you prevent cheating on it. It’s because
when you space your calories throughout the day at regular intervals, you will less likely
go through a starve-binge routine every day. Also, if you deprive yourself of breakfast,
you may just find yourself losing control later in the day, hence, eating more than the
amount of food your body needs.

7. You Can Set a Good Example to Your Kids When You Eat Breakfast

According to one study, 25% of teens miss breakfast regularly. A lot of them do so to
save time in the morning, while others intentionally do it in a misguided attempt to lose
weight. But a Finnish study also found out that children who skip breakfast mostly have
parents who skip breakfast as well.

Skipping breakfast has the same effect on children as adults. They will have less energy
and concentration. Meaning, they will have a higher likelihood of obesity and nutritional
insufficiency. Therefore, if you want your kids to be healthy, you need to set a good
example and eat breakfast regularly.

You can make breakfast a part of your family routine. If you all have rushed mornings,
you can keep a variety of healthy on-the-go snacks in the kitchen like bananas, cereal
bars, and roasted nuts.

These are some of the best reasons why it is essential to eat breakfast every day. So, if you are
aiming for a healthier lifestyle, aside from exercise and eating fruits and vegetables, you also
need to include eating breakfast every day.