What Is a Pancake Shaper?

We know pancakes to be traditionally circular. When you think of pancakes, you think of circular disks of fluffy cake that are stacked on top of each other and drenched in sweet maple syrup. 

Where is the fun in that? Pancakes don’t have to be just circular. In fact, they can be so many shapes. The reason why we see mostly circular pancakes is because that is how the batter spreads. However, if we could control the flow of the batter, we could most definitely create a pancake that has a super interesting shape. 

Pancake shapers are kitchen utensils that help you achieve your goals of eating fun-shaped food. A circular pancake is perfect and delicious on its own. However, if the same pancake is shaped like something else like a heart or a star, it tastes just that extra bit yummier. 

Pancake shapers are often made using either metal or silicone and come in various different shapes. You can find regular shapes like a circle, star, or heart, but you can also find some fun and cool designs out there. Additionally, these pancake shapers come in sets mostly. These sets often have a theme to them so, you can truly find a mold for any occasion. Want Easter-themed pancakes? There are probably Easter-themed pancake shapers out there. You can also find Christmas and Halloween-themed pancake shapers.

Now that we know what pancake shapers are, let’s take a look at some pancake shapers to gauge what is available on the market.

Different kinds of pancake shapers

Different kinds of pancake shapers

Nonstick Pancake Cooking Tool Egg 4-Hole Ring Maker Cheese Egg Cooker Pan Flip Egg Mold

This pancake shaper allows you to make multiple pancakes at the same time. The material used for this pancake mold is food-grade silicone. It is both non-toxic and safe to use. Hence, you can use it in direct contact with your food and not worry about harmful chemicals being transmitted over. Furthermore, its heat resistant and can handle extreme temperatures. This Non-stick pancake tool is safe to use between -60 degrees and 240 degrees celsius. 

The four-hole design of this pancake shaper allows for effective formation of design, and if used correctly, the pancake will not be deformed and cook in the shape of the mold. Additionally, the handle is an anti-scalding soft handle that ensures that you do not burn yourself and the cooking is smooth and convenient. 

DC Pancake Shapers

This DC pancake maker can make the pancake of your wildest imagination. It has a retro design that brings to life the Wonder Woman logo. This pancake mold is made of heat-resistant silicone that won’t melt when exposed to high heat. Furthermore, the plastic is BPA and phthalate-free, which means that your food is in no danger of contamination. 

Taking care of this mold is also super easy as it is dishwasher safe and is small so, you can easily store it in any drawer. 

Mickey Mouse Silicone Pancake Molds

Disney is always something that brings joy to peoples faces. If you combine that with pancakes, there will be double the joy. These Mickey Mouse pancake molds are made using non-stick silicone that ensures that the batter does not stick to it. The resultant pancakes are clean, and the design is recognizable. This set of molds contains four shapes. They include Mickey Mouse, glove, bow, and Minnie Mouse. 

These shapers also feature a silicone tab that makes lifting the pancake shaper out of the pan super easy and safe. Additionally, these silicone molds can resist high temperatures such as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, they will stay intact in the hot pan and won’t melt, discolor or fade over time. 

How to use pancake shapers

How to use pancake shapers

Using pancake shapers is extremely simple, and anyone can use them to achieve different shaped pancakes.

First, prepare your batter using any recipe that you like. Ensure that when you whisk the ingredients, they are mixed in well. There should not be any lumps in the mixture as they may cause issues when cooking the pancakes in the shapers.

Before pouring in the batter, turn on the stove and place your pan of choice to heat. You can use a skillet, a girdle, or a frying pan to make pancakes. Oil your pan beforehand. If the pancake shaper you are using is made of metal then oil that too. This helps prevent the batter from sticking to the mold and creating a mess.

When your pancake mix is ready and does not have any lumps, use a ladle to scoop out pancake mix and pour it into the mold. Make sure that the entire shape has an equal amount of batter otherwise, your pancake will turn out uneven. You can even use a spoon to level out the batter.

Pancakes usually take 1 to 2 minutes to cook. However, it depends on the thickness of your pancake. If the pancake starts bubbling on the top, it is an indicator that you should flip it. 

Some pancake shapers are made to be removed at this point. If your shaper is such, go ahead and grab the tabs or handle and gently remove it. If your pancake was cooked, then it won’t be runny and will maintain its shape. 

Flip the pancake over and keep doing it till both sides are golden brown. Then, remove the pancake. You can enjoy it as it is, but you can also decorate it with different syrups like maple syrup. You can also use toppings such as fruits and chocolates. 

Making pancakes using pancake shapers

Making pancakes using pancake shapers

Making pancakes is extremely simple, and you don’t need a lot of skill either. To make pancakes using pancake shapers, you will need a few utensils. They include two large mixing bowls, a whisk, a spatula, and a pan of your choice. You can use a skillet, a girdle, or a frying pan. Having a non-stick cooking spray is also useful. 

In a large mixing bowl, sift in around 1.5 cups of all-purpose flour, 3.5 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and salt to taste. This makes your dry mixture. Whisk it till all the ingredients are well combined, then create a well in the middle. Put this bowl to the side.

In a separate mixing bowl, whisk a single egg and add in 1.25 cups of milk and 3 tablespoons of butter. It is wise to melt your butter beforehand. Whisk these ingredients till they are well combined. This is your wet mixture. 

Add the wet mixture into the well you created in the dry mixture and whisk them both together. Ensure that there are no lumps.

Heat up your pan and spray it with non-stick cooking spray. If your pancake mold is made of metal then spray it too. Using a lubricant helps prevent the batter from sticking to any surface.

Next, place the mold on the pan and wait for it to heat up. When both of them are hot, pour in your pancake batter. Even out the surface with a spoon and wait for 1 to 2 minutes. When the top starts to bubble, remove the pancake shaper. Then, gently with a spatula, flip over the pancake and keep doing so till both sides are golden brown. That is an indicator that you should remove the pancake from the pan. 

Tips for using a pancake shaper

Tips for using a pancake shaper

If you want your pancakes to have a perfect shape, there are a few things that you have to be mindful of. If you forgo these tips, there is a chance that your pancakes will not have a clean shape.

  • Grease all the cooking surfaces. You can use butter, non-stick cooking sprays, or even vegetable oil to grease the pancake shapers and the pan. These lubricants prevent the pancakes from sticking onto the pan or the mold. Thus, the resultant shape of the pancake will be clean and well-defined. 
  • Preheat the mold before you pour in the pancake batter. A common mistake is to place the pancake mold when the pan is hot and then pour in the pancake batter immediately after. The pancake mold is also a cooking surface and hence should be preheated the same amount as the pan. The pancake shaper should be very hot when you pour in the pancake mix.
  • Do not overfill the molds. Pancake batter expands as it cooks, and if you over-fill the molds, chances are that it will overflow, and the shape will be destroyed. It is better to leave some space at the top for the batter to expand. 
  • When filling the mold, use a tool that allows you to control where you pour in your batter. Some molds are quite small, and if you use a spoon or a ladle, there are chances that you do not have complete control over the flow of the batter. Hence, a squeeze bottle or a tool of that sort is better. 
  • Make sure that the pancake is cooked before you remove the mold. If you attempt to remove the pancake shaper before the pancake is cooked, the batter will spill out of the mold, and the shape will be destroyed. To guarantee that the pancake will hold shape, wait for the pancake to bubble on the surface. That is the indicator that the pancake is cooked on one side. 
  • Use a thin spatula. Flipping pancakes is where most of disasters happen. If you aren’t super careful with the pancakes, they might break, and the shape will be in two or more pieces. At this stage, the pancakes are very moist and fragile. Hence, using a thin spatula is perfect. 

What makes a good pancake shaper

What makes a good pancake shaper

Pancakes come in different shapes and sizes. But there are a few key features that increase the ease of using a pancake shaper. Here are a few things you should look out for when you are buying a pancake shaper.


When you purchase a pancake shaper, make sure that it is made of food-safe material. Most pancake shapers are made of silicone and metal, which are perfect materials. They are mostly non-toxic and free from GMOs. Metal molds are usually stiff while silicone molds are flexible. However, they are both perfect materials for the intended use.

Heat Resistant

Pancake shapers should be able to handle extreme temperatures. Because they are to be used on a hot pan and have to be heated, they should be heat resistant. Most pancake molds are made of metal and silicone, which are heat-resistant materials and hence, perfect for pancake shapers.

Tabs or handle

Once the pancakes are cooked, remove the pancake shapers. Since these tools are burning hot, picking them up with your hands is out of question. Thus, a handle or tabs are extremely useful. Be sure to buy pancake shapers that have either tabs or soft-touch handles for ease of removal.


Pancake shapers are a fun way to introduce variety to your pancakes. They are molds that allow you to shape your pancake right there in the pan. So, it cooks in the shape you want. There are many different shapes available on the market which allow you to have pancakes with fun and interesting shapes.

With these pancake molds, your mornings will be even more fun and exciting.