Ways to Cook Frozen Microwave Pancakes without a Microwave

Microwaves are essential in most homes. We use them for almost everything from reheating food to defrosting and sometimes cooking as well. However, some people don’t have one. That can be a bit troublesome when they want to defrost frozen food.

Many people opt to buy microwavable food because it is easy to prepare and eat. Not everyone has enough time in their day to set aside for cooking elaborate meals. Additionally, these frozen meals are quick and efficient. You can find most meals in frozen form. One of them is frozen microwave pancakes, but if you don’t have a microwave, how do you cook them?

If you don’t have a microwave, there is no need to fret. There are many ways to cook microwave pancakes and have them be deliciously hot and ready for you to eat. 

Let us look at how you can use different appliances to defrost and cook frozen pancakes. 

Different appliances that can be used to cook frozen pancakes


Most people have a microwave oven. Hence, there is a massive influx of frozen meals such as frozen microwave dinners and frozen microwave pancakes available on the market. However, not everyone has one, so what do these people do? 

Even if you don’t have a microwave oven, cooking foods such as frozen pancakes is actually quite simple. Here we have some appliances you can use to cook frozen pancakes.

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is a commonplace appliance in smaller kitchens. It is an oven small enough to be placed on a countertop and works efficiently to cook and reheat food. A toaster oven is a versatile appliance that can be used for several purposes. It works quite similarly to a microwave and occupies just about the same amount of space. However, it is more efficient owing to its versatile nature.


A crockpot is a slow cooker and can also be used to heat food, but it takes longer to cook as compared to a microwave or toaster oven. The way it cooks food makes it suitable for reheating and cooking many different foods. For the best results, moisten the food a bit. 


A stovetop works by producing heat and projecting it upwards. The pot or food is usually placed above it so it receives the maximum heat possible. This appliance has various uses and can be used to heat and cook many different foods such as frozen microwave pancakes, frozen meals, cook food, etc. 

Furthermore, the stovetop purely relies on heat and not electromagnetic radiation waves. Thus, it ensures that your food is safe and is one of the better and healthier options.

Convection Oven

A budget-friendly option, conventional ovens cook food using heat. A conventional oven is a bit slower than a microwave since it has to heat up the space before it cooks the food. On the other hand, a convectional oven can be adjusted, depending on what food you are cooking. It is effective in cooking almost any food since it has such a wide range of temperatures that it can handle.

Sauce Pan

A saucepan is another method that can be employed to cook frozen food. Saucepans generally have a thin bottom that allows the heat to pass through. However, that also makes them prone to burning food if it does not receive sufficient attention. Hence, it is important that someone keeps stirring and checking the temperature. Adding in water can also help keep the burning at bay.

Dutch Oven 

A dutch oven is an extremely effective tool if you are looking to cook or reheat your food. It can be used to cook a variety of dishes. One downside to this tool is that it requires a stovetop to work. It also allows excellent temperature control that can heat food at your desired temperature. Hence, it makes for a great alternative for a microwave.


A steamer works by using a little water. This water in the steamer can generate cooking power and cook many meals. A steamer is great if you want to cook vegetables in a healthier manner. 

Steamers use steam. Hence, it is probably the healthiest method as it heats without oil or fat. When cooking with a steamer, you have to make sure that all the water doesn’t evaporate. Otherwise, it won’t work the way it is supposed to.


A skillet is a popular tool used to reheat frozen food and even cook food. It works fast and uses heat to reheat or cook your food. A skillet cooks fast and, most times faster than a conventional oven, but at the same time, it needs attention during the reheating or cooking process. Due to the non-stick nature of this tool, you can cook or reheat just about anything. Even food made to cook in a microwave, like frozen microwave pancakes, can be cooked in a skillet.

Air Fryer

An air fryer is quite a popular appliance these days. It works by using hot air to cook and reheat your food. It is quite small in size and can provide a crispy touch if needed. An air fryer is a healthy option to cook or reheat your food because it uses very little to no oil to do so. Hence, it is a great option for cooking and reheating food. 

Different methods that can be used to cook microwave pancakes without a microwave

Different methods that can be used to cook microwave pancakes without a microwave

If you have a stack of frozen microwave pancakes and don’t have a microwave, there is no need to panic. It is totally possible to defrost and cook these pancakes without the need for a microwave. Here are a few ways that you can do so.

Use other appliances

There are many different appliances, other than a microwave, that do somewhat of the same job. Mainly, microwaves heat up your food using electromagnetic radiation. There are many different devices that do the same thing. Many of them have other functions as well. Some devices that we think can cook your frozen microwave pancakes hassle-free are the convectional oven, the toaster oven, the air fryer, and more. 


Steaming is yet another method that can be used to reheat your frozen microwave pancakes. Steaming is perfect for sticky and frozen foods. Hence, it can effectively cook the pancakes and have them be hot and steaming for you to enjoy.

Using a stove

A stove is very versatile because it allows you to use many different tools, such as a saucepan, a skillet, a dutch oven, etc. Hence, you can use a stove and various tools to defrost and cook your pancakes.


Frying is another method that can cook your frozen pancakes. This method will require a frying pan, a stove, and some oil. Furthermore, this may not be the healthiest method. Owing to the oil needed to cook the pancakes, there might be some added calories. 

How to reheat frozen pancakes in an oven

How to reheat frozen pancakes in an oven

Some people do not own a microwave, and for them, defrosting and cooking various foods can be a challenge. However, if they have an oven, the task of cooking and defrosting is fairly simple.

Ovens are highly versatile and have a range of temperatures available that can be used to heat particular foods. Additionally, you can also set up a timer which is extremely useful. This appliance does not need you to pay attention to it all the time. 

If you want to cook frozen pancakes using an oven, follow these steps.

Firstly, preheat your oven. A temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. 

Next, take your pancakes and lay them on a non-stick baking sheet. Ensure that they lay flat and that there is some space between them.

Then you cover the sheet with some aluminum foil. This covering helps trap the heat and cook the pancakes faster. 

Now, all you have to do is place it in the oven and wait for it to cook. It takes around 5 to 10 minutes. 

How to reheat frozen pancakes in a toaster oven

How to reheat frozen pancakes in a toaster oven

A toaster oven is like a mini oven that is extremely easy to use and does not need the prep than normal ovens call for. Additionally, they are also super versatile and cook just about anything in them. If you want to cook frozen microwave pancakes, a toaster oven is perfect. Here is how you do it.

First, set your toaster oven to medium to high heat. This allows the toaster oven to heat up and create the perfect environment for the pancakes to cook. 

Next, place the pancakes in a tray and pop them into the toaster oven, and let it do its work. You do not have to monitor it or check on it.

Within a few minutes, the pancake will be hot and ready for you to enjoy. If you want slightly crisp pancakes, you can also leave them in longer. The extra time helps give them a little bit of crunch.

How to reheat frozen pancakes in a frying pan

How to reheat frozen pancakes in a frying pan

A frying pan is immensely useful in the kitchen. If you don’t own a microwave oven, then it becomes even more useful. A frying pan can essentially cook and reheat any kind of food. This includes pancakes as well. Let’s see how we can do so.

First, heat your frying pan on low heat. Low heat helps ensure that the pancakes do not burn. If the temperature is too high, then there is a chance that they will burn around the edges, and the center will be uncooked and cold. 

Next, coat the pan with some non-stick spray. Alternatively, you can also use some kind of fat like oil or butter. This will help give the pancakes an added kick of flavor and also help them cook evenly and not stick to the pan.

This method requires your full attention because you need to flip these pancakes every 10 seconds. Flipping helps ensure that they warm evenly and that all of the pancakes are cooked.

How to reheat frozen pancakes in an air fryer

Sometimes reheating or cooking a frozen pancake in a microwave is not the best idea. Even though it says microwavable on the package, these pancakes may have a funky taste and texture that is hard to digest. However, air fryers are great at cooking pancakes super well so that they taste exactly like fresh pancakes. 

Here is how you cook frozen microwavable pancakes in an air fryer.

First, ensure that the pancakes are frozen. This method works best that way. 

Next, place a single layer of pancakes in the air fryer basket. Make sure that there is plenty of space between them so that the pancakes can cook on all sides.

Leave them to cook for 4 minutes, and you will have your delicious pancakes ready for you. This method does not require you to pay close attention to the pancakes so you can move away from the appliance if you have to.


A microwave is by far the easiest and most convenient option available when you have to reheat and cook frozen food. However, some people don’t have one, and that is no reason to indulge in these meals. This article has listed the various ways that you can use to cook frozen microwave pancakes even if you don’t have a microwave.