Different Ways to Use Up Your Syrup

a stack of pancakes with butter and maple syrup, plate, fork, a bottle of maple syrup

Pancake syrup is especially popular because it is mass-produced instead of honey, which many vegans avoid. After all, bees are involved in its production. Furthermore, many people say they bought so much syrup from stores that they don’t know what to do with it all. Syrups, on the other hand, aren’t just … Read more

10 Fun Things to Do While You Are Eating Your Pancakes

a person eating pancakes

Pancakes surely are one of the most popular food to eat during breakfast, and they are good as snacks, too. When eating breakfast or snacks, it’s more fun if you’re with your whole family or maybe with some friends. However, there are times that we are left alone at home, and there’s … Read more