History of the Hong Kong Puff

egg waffle in a paper bag, vendor, table, shop, cooking equipment, posters, signage

They claim you can’t cook an omelet without cracking a few eggs, but perfecting the famous Hong Kong puff, also known as an egg waffle, requires a lot more.  It’s a spherical egg-based waffle prevalent in Macau and Hong Kong, made of an eggy leavened mixture cooked in two semi-spherical plates. They … Read more

How to Make Chinese or Bubble Waffles

bubble waffles with powdered sugar, star-shaped sprinkles

If you made it a hobby to look at food photographs on the internet, chances are you’ve probably seen pictures of unusual pancakes and bubble waffles served in a cardboard tube and sometimes loaded with ice cream, but these egg waffles aren’t a new invention. They’re actually gai daan jai, a traditional … Read more