Can Waffles Be Healthy

Waffles with coconut powder and cream

Waffles with toppings of syrup, whipped cream, fruits, and berries are considered dreamy breakfast. Waffles when served with fresh fruit are healthy for breakfast. A healthy diet should be having fruits, whole grains, healthy dairy products, low fat, vegetables, etc. These ingredients give you a healthy diet with fiber, calories, minerals, vitamins, … Read more

What are the Different Types of Orange Juice and Oranges?

two oranges with a peeled orange

Oranges are one of the most refreshing and healthy fruits. They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and is also an energy-filled snack. They can be juiced, eaten on the go, or chopped and added into salad and desserts. When you go to the market, you may find a few varieties … Read more