Questions to ask yourself when choosing an online casino

If you go to your browser and look for online casinos, you will find more options than you know what to do with. Many of them will offer you lucrative bonuses, claim that they are the best, and try to make you pick them over the others. Yet, not all of them deserve a moment of your consideration. This guide will give you eight questions you need to ask yourself when evaluating casinos. The casino with the most favorable answer is the one you should pick.

Question 1: Does the casino feature games you want?

The first place to start when evaluating a casino should always be about if you can find what you are looking for in the casino. If you like video poker, do they have video poker? Maybe you enjoy Texas Hold ’em or Gonzo’s Quest or Avalon II. Check the games that the casino offers to be sure they are games you want to play.

Question 2: Is it legal to play in your country or jurisdictions?

Gambling laws have undergone various changes over the years. There was a time when gambling was illegal in almost all states in the US, but now, every state has its own rules, and some states have fully legalized gambling.

It means that before you settle on a casino, you need to be sure what the gambling laws in your jurisdiction have to say. Additionally, check which games you are allowed to play and which ones may land you in jail.

Question 3: Is the casino regulated by a credible body?

There are many federal gambling commissions and regulators, and they may vary by state. It’s not enough that a gambling regulatory agency regulates your casino; the regulator has to set and enforce strict codes of conduct that protect you as a player.

A regulatory agency may regulate a casino, but if the agency does not have strict rules or does not enforce these rules, then you have no one to help you if the casino loses your money or plays dirty. Sometimes, it is better when the casino is regulated by more than one regulatory agency.

Question 4: How easily can you deposit your money?

There are many banks and financial institutions, and it would be hard for casinos to accept payment from all of them. This means that wherever casino you chose, make sure that you can quickly deposit your money. You check this by looking at their depositing options and confirming that there is one or more than you can use. For example, on the jackpot casino login page, you will find at least six deposit options.

If you are interested in discrete gambling, you should confirm if the casino has cryptocurrency payments as an option. There are many other benefits of cryptocurrency payments, and discretion is just one of them.

Question 5: What are their conditions or receiving bonuses?

It’s not just about the casino giving you bonuses but also about the terms and conditions accompanying these bonuses. Not all bonuses are good bonuses, and if the casino’s bonuses have unfavorable conditions, you are better off declining. Examples of terrible bonus conditions are those that have incredibly high wagering requirements or that need you to deposit a large sum of money before you can withdraw.

Question 6: What are the withdrawal terms and conditions?

Not only do you want it to be easy to deposit your money, but you also want it to be easy to withdraw your winnings. Some casinos make it complicated for players to withdraw their winnings, and you should watch out for them. Some red flags to look for include;

  1. They have long pending periods before you can receive your money.
  2. They have a high minimum limit before you can withdraw your money.

Question 7: How is their customer service like?

You will undoubtedly face some troubles as you learn to navigate the casino or during your playing period, and you want to be sure that you can get help when you need it. That is why you need to confirm that the casino offers fast and efficient customer service.

You can test out the customer service agents of a casino by sending them test emails or contacting them then gauging how long they take to respond. Besides the time it takes to respond, look at how well they respond to your questions. If they are acting rude to you or seem to be rushing you without listening to you, that is a red flag you should not ignore.

Question 8: What do other players and casino rating sites have to say about the casino?

The great thing about the internet is that it connects people and gives them a platform to evaluate service providers. For that reason, you will often find customer feedback about casinos either in the casino’s testimonial section or on other websites. Look for these customer reviews to guide you on the credibility and honesty of a casino. Watch out for any reviews that seem to be too good to be true.

Secondly, look for casino review websites online and see how they rate the casino you are thinking of. These websites often have a criterion for evaluating casinos against which they assess different casinos. It can be an excellent place to start if you don’t want to do most of the research yourself.


If you are thinking of playing online casino games, don’t get overwhelmed by their volume. Instead, use the eight questions in this article to critically evaluate the different casinos to find your best match.